25 September 2008


I'm diggin' the home-goods over at Simrin. The products are inspired by vintage fabrics, natural organic forms & algorithmic patterns. Above are the multiple styles of laminated fabric trays from the Surya collection. Below are the trays from the Nature collection.

Each pattern collection also features a variety of tablecloths, place mats & napkins {below, right}. The site recently debuted glassware which is also available in both of the above patterns, as well as the fun, new, kitschy Icon {below, left}.

22 September 2008

18 September 2008

Black Kids

Jacksonville, represent! Our favorite TSI DJ's are back in town, playing live at Freebird tomorrow night, for the first time since hitting it big!

Black Kids : 09/19/08 : Doors at 8pm

17 September 2008

Viva Terra

I think these Recycled Glass Balloon Vases are marvelous. Their lopsided imperfectness totally does it for me.

15 September 2008

Erie Basin

Erie Basin is a fantastic source for 19th and 20th century antique jewelry, as well as for contemporary pieces by modern day jewelers whose work lends a nod to yesteryear.The shop features bits of adornment that are carefully selected, mindfully chosen and brilliantly crafted.

01 September 2008


The witty craftsters at Miso Funky are stitching up a different type of cross-stitch sampler than the kind your Granny makes.

These samplers catch you off guard & crack you up -- unless you are easily offended {there are a few on the brasher side}. I happen to adore them. "Hand-stitched in hell!," as their website proudly proclaims.