29 July 2008

Late Summer

I think this outfit is pretty late summer perfect.

{new from J. Crew}

27 July 2008

Bookcase Bedroom

This is so fun! Of course it could probably only be pulled off in a kid's room, but man, it's such a creative & whimsical idea. Here are some shots of how it came to be:

Estate Sale Treasures

Over the weekend I scored bold, beautiful necklaces {2 for $10}, green crochet place mats {4 for $1), and a retro kitchen step stool to be recovered {$5). I heart estate sale-ing.

25 July 2008


Photojojo's newsletter yesterday was a a review of awesome add-ons available for Flickr. The folks over at Photojojo went through the thousands of add-ons that are available out there and kindly made a list of the very best ones.

And while we're on the subject, have you added The Library of Congress as your Flickr friend yet? I love, love, love getting email updates that they have made new posts.

23 July 2008

Nuts + Florida


And if I had $65.00 growing in the backyard, I'd order Florida:

{from here, via here.}

22 July 2008

Tilly & The Wall

We're going to see Tilly & The Wall tomorrow night at Jack Rabbits. To say that I am stoked would be a serious understatement.

20 July 2008


A few weeks ago Jamie organized a swap and Melinda was my very creative swap-buddy. Check out the amazing swap-package she sent me which I received this past Friday:

{Left to right: Memphis bbq sauces, pretty pink dish, fleur de lis, cooking utensils, framed Eames stamps from Melinda's Etsy Shop, New Orleans cookbook, tin dish also from her shop filled with shells she collected in Mexico Beach, FL and two succulents, dish rags handmade by her mother, Florida water, and a jar of paper cranes, inspired by the Crane post I made, all packed in a great little basket}.

Melinda was so incredibly generous and I've been having so much fun playing with all the goodies she sent! This is the package that I sent to her earlier last week:

{Clockwise: book mark, chicken dish towel, flower shape bowls, hand-painted candle holder, cucumber soap, pinwheel drink stirrers, 'M' handkerchief, flower seeds, Indian coasters, and marble magnets made by me}.

15 July 2008

Sun + Water

This past weekend was filled with non-stop playing in bodies of water. Ocean, river, pool - we hit up everything but the lake.

Friday I spent the day with my family at Jacksonville Beach:

{Image via Tawandaaa/Ricki}

Saturday a bunch of us went tubing at Ginnie Springs:

Sunday and Monday were filled with dips in our pool, which as of a week ago looks like this:

We made it out with only one broken knee, feeling a bit more than sunkissed and very Floridian.

13 July 2008

Summertime Pasta Salad

I whipped up this pasta salad earlier this afternoon, using these ingredients all found in my cupboards and fridge:

- 1 box Betty Crocker Suddenly Pasta Salad
- Several Polly-O Mozzarella Cheese Strings, sliced
- Grape tomatoes, sliced in half
- Hormel Turkey Pepperoni, cut into quarters
- 1 can 3.5 oz black olives, sliced

Prep and cook time together was only about 20 minutes. I let it chill in the fridge for a couple of hours and then voila!, an easy, refreshing summertime pasta for a Sunday summer evening.

Black + White + Yellow

Spend a few hours in here, and I bet you would feel all kinds of inspired. I'm envious of whoever gets to start their day here!

{via Apartment Therapy Chicago}

08 July 2008

Zara Home

I think I could live inside of a Zara Home catalog...

for the rest of my life & be perfectly happy.


Rachel just beat me to posting this. It is, without a doubt, one of the best things ever. How great would it be to have a giant tile map to study while brushing your teeth in the morning?

07 July 2008

The Fourth

My 4th of July pool party decor looked like this:

and like this {I got my jar and it was perfect for margaritas!}:

I was really hoping to pull off this and this:

but finishing the pool and deck up until the last minute prevented it from happening.

Next time!

03 July 2008

Oh, Marc!

Aren't Marc Jacobs' new Mouse Flats just the most darling thing you've ever seen? They come in red & black too!