20 July 2008


A few weeks ago Jamie organized a swap and Melinda was my very creative swap-buddy. Check out the amazing swap-package she sent me which I received this past Friday:

{Left to right: Memphis bbq sauces, pretty pink dish, fleur de lis, cooking utensils, framed Eames stamps from Melinda's Etsy Shop, New Orleans cookbook, tin dish also from her shop filled with shells she collected in Mexico Beach, FL and two succulents, dish rags handmade by her mother, Florida water, and a jar of paper cranes, inspired by the Crane post I made, all packed in a great little basket}.

Melinda was so incredibly generous and I've been having so much fun playing with all the goodies she sent! This is the package that I sent to her earlier last week:

{Clockwise: book mark, chicken dish towel, flower shape bowls, hand-painted candle holder, cucumber soap, pinwheel drink stirrers, 'M' handkerchief, flower seeds, Indian coasters, and marble magnets made by me}.

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wishful thinking said...

Oh, Megan you are so incredibly sweet! I have been meaning to do the same thing. I'm on it this week!