15 August 2008

Great Journeys

Penguin Books has an incredible series called 'Great Journeys', which features twenty real-life adventure stories written by history's greatest explorers. "Around the world in twenty books!" as their website puts it.
The series includes works by Sir Richard Burton, Herodotus, Anton Chekhov, James Cook, George Orwell, Marco Polo and Mark Twain, spanning the centuries from the ancient world of 4th century B.C. to the early 20th century.
The amazing cover artwork is done by David Pearson Design. I love how each cover has a simple color scheme & vintage feel. I think a poster of all the book covers would look amazing in a home office or studio space.
The Australian Penguin site gives the best descriptions of each book. I am setting a long-term goal to collect & read each work of literature in this series. I think it would be an amazing collection to own & one day pass down.

Also, check out the Great Loves and Great Ideas series.

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