25 August 2010

Shiny Happy People

One of the best lovelies I know, a one Miss Rachel Best, gave me the most astounding book for my birthday this past weekend.

The Shiny Happy People Book is a cookbook by Neil Roake cataloging exquisite dinner parties and beautiful homes curated by the people he admires best: his good friends. When I fist unwrapped the book, my first reaction was "How Beautiful! It reminds me of my blog roll!" But upon further inspection, I found that not only was I interested in these people, and the food and decors they had to share, but that the author and his friends-featured were all located in South Africa, which I visited this past April and fell hard, madly, deeply in love with. This weekend has been a whirlwind of birthday celebration-chaos (Cheers, 26!), but each night I've found myself getting ready for bed, slightly (or maybe more) tipsy, thumbing through this book, marveling at the beautiful pages inside, planning the perfect dinner party occasions where I shall unveil certain recipes (to everyone's surprise and delight!) and also, feeling a certain (severe) longing for South Africa growing in my heart. The places I saw there were off the beaten path and truly unreal (I am so lucky!)! This book is filling me with a rush to get back to the Garden Route with a moment's quickness, as soon as possible. Thank you, Rachel Best , you've stirred South Africa up inside of me.


Darling said...

What a gorgeous book and lovely present! Happy Birthday!!

rachel best henley said...

I'm so glad that you are enjoying it so much! It really is such a beautiful book! Happy 26th year!